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These were only four of the total 46 different combinations supported. However both read the same authentication token twitter not updating background. Live tiles change if tweets mention logged in user Pretty neat eh. Now that we’ve taken a look at the notification types as well as how to deliver them, let’s get down to business and build a real application that does all of this. When any application wants to Authenticate using OAuth, we normally use the common UI screen that navigates to the provider’s login screen as shown below. Select ‘Background Tasks’ from the ‘Available Declarations’ dropdown and select ‘Add’. For example in the image below, the NexGen Reader app is telling me that I have some catching up to do with my RSS subscriptions. As we can see, we have used the string constants we saw earlier in the Utils class twitter not updating background. Inside the Task Notifier Now that we have seen how to setup the task, let’s see what the Task actually does. Once the response from Twitter comes in, we show the update. private string ConnectToStream() var tileNotification = new TileNotification(tileXml); TileUpdateManager. Again the application logo is at the bottom left.

Lock Screen Updates Always connected is no fun if the computer doesn’t update itself when in power-saving mode or when the screen is locked, is it. However there are only seven slots available as we can see below In the above PC, two slots are open for assignment to apps that can display lock screen updates (indicated by the +). If you want a deeper look at best practices, dos and don’ts I strongly suggest you go through this whitepaper from MSDN. We need to save a deferral because Windows considers the Background Task to be over once the execution exits the Run method. When the screen is locked and a new notification arrives we see the notification 2. It is showing a live tile that alternates between a full tile image and a full text tile. Next when the Background task is initiated, the background task simply picks up the Authentication token and runs with it. Background Tasks and Lock Screen The Lock Screen has special treatment when it comes to background tasks. Message); } The ConnectToStream function This function creates an instance of TwitterContext (which is like a DB context only it’s for access twitter data feeds).   The Toast Notification The ‘Toast Notification’ pops up on the top right hand corner of an application. This is a use case for Asynchronous Update notification using Toasts. So we just saw all the types of notifications in action.

If you get this wrong, registration will fail at runtime. UnregisterBackgroundTasks(BackgroundTaskUtils. Rest of the methods and properties are primarily utilities for accessing the Authenticated User’s internet chat lines for adults that allows cybersex free.
. For our demo, we have managed to squeeze in a Background Task and initiate all these notifications from the task. cs There is slight difference in implementation because a WinRT Component has restrictions on use of Async methods. They are mainly around dealing with Async loading of the credential information. You can see the Applications logo at the bottom left of the tile. Fear not, BackgroundTasks have some requirement for Logos and images that MUST be provided. Third tile we have is from the app by ‘Tom’s Hardware’. It opens a streaming connection with Twitter and starts watching the stream for tweets. .Free c2c sex chat without registration and credit card.

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